Site Building Made Easy

As a society, maintaining an effective web presence is a prerequisite towards reaching
new and existing students, co-ordinating activities and demonstrating a degree of professionalism.
Without a webmaster however, achieving this goal can be difficult. CamDev solves this issue by providing
keen web developers to help you create clean, responsive design worthy of your society!

Developing Web Talent

CamDev offers to help other societies pro bono to allow students with an interest in IT from any subject to develop their skills on real, rewarding projects; helping them to create a strong portfolio to help in future careers. Basic languages CamDev will let members grasp include:


Silverstreet, the website hosting the HSPS magazine, will be transitioned from a simple WordPress to a more responsive, adaptable HTML5 website.


The Cambridge History Society, CLIO, underwent a major redesign, introducing a range of new features as well as a refreshed image

In The Know

Cam FM's In The Know established their web presence using CamDev, allowing their audience to easily find the correct links to get in touch.


Whether you'd like to code or request our support, we'd love to hear from you! Please select your position below: