About Us

Who we are, what we stand for, where we are going

Our Mission

The ubiquity of the internet is no new story. The facility to communicate to an infinite audience, instantly and effectively; to spark an interest which can flourish into action, is perhaps one of the most significant values it holds as a utility. This potential is readily recognisable to nearly all societies in operation in Cambridge today; however with a lack of experience in coding, or awareness of the extensive network infrastructure available to students provided by the university, this potential often fails to come to fruition.
Everyone is familiar with the results: a fornlorn WordPress site, with lorem ipsum dolor on pages which should not exist, upon a server with an impossible web suffix; or a website developed in 2003, last updated 2004. Overall, this results in three reactions:

1. All web actions are migrated to a social media platform - Although Facebook and Twitter offer great advertisement for outreach, alongside notifications, societies fail to garner a permanent membership or formalised mailing list
2. Websites are abandoned rather than retired - As committees change hands, websites are left in stasis, presenting a site of poor management to any interested party choosing to look into a society
3. Cambridge Societies develop in an ad hoc, juttering, stuttering fasion - without uniformity, the user is left with a poor impression of the internet potential of societies Cambridge-wide, from a sub-standard experience with just a few websites.

CamDev has the ambition of rectifying this issue, by providing a pool of collective talent upon which all societies can draw from. By providing a forum for webmasters, CamDev hopes to streamline and unify design efforts to provide a clean, responsive and modern web presence for Cambridge societies, to let their message shine through, rather than have it held back by poor design. By championing efficiency, CamDev can look towards providing universal tools across a network of societies which all act and react in the same way: a standardised membership and payments system, a standardised app platform, a standardised design schema - all could be possible through collective action.

Our Committee

CamDev is a new society, which has ambitions to grow and develop into a firmly established entity in the society landscape as a solutions agent. Currently, CamDev is run by:

  • Ben Lammin - President, Lead Developer
  • Ben is responsible for the overall organisation of the society, ranging from managing and fulfilling new requests, approaching new developers and clients, and appointing members to the committee.

  • Sam Harrison - Vice President, Social Media Officer
  • Sam, self-branded 'Archbishop of Meme', is responsible for CamDev's outreach, including its social media presence, mailing-list management and face-to-face contact with interested parties. Sam also provides technical support in the development of news-based websites.

  • Robert Cochrane - Vice President, Treasurer
  • Rob acts as CamDev's Treasurer, managing the society's annual expenditure, procuring relevant software packages and approaching 3rd parties to raise sponsorship for the society. Rob further provides technical assistance for sites seeking to implement PHP services.